Group Pilates Classes

Mat-Essentials (Group)

Beginner Level- designed for beginners to introduce and develop an understanding of the basic Pilates Principles.

Mat – Open (Group)

A variety of mat techniques using INSYNC kits. May also include small apparatus usage such as foam rollers, magic circles, Pilates arcs. This class is aimed at intermediate and advanced levels.

Allegro – Reformer (Group)

Pilates Allegro Reformers give you a unique full body conditioning workout using springs as resistance. Prior to joining a reformer class a few private reformer sessions maybe required to familiarise yourself with the machine. This is the ultimate pilates experience.

Pilates Circuit Classes (Group Maximum 6 people)

These classes give you an interval workout designed to burn fat and increase energy. Clients rotate between both pilates and cardio based equipment. This class will kick your metabolism into gear.

Mind/Body (Group)

A mix of Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates. Improves joint flexibility, increases core strength and challenges balance. Provides a lasting sense of well –being. Classes end with a relaxation and meditation component.