"Because of Pilates Insync, my sprint group had far less problems with muscle injury and fatigue this season. Since training with Helen, we have achieved our best season at state and national championships, with many athletes running personal bests."

Michael Dooley Level 4 Track Coach, Australian Track & Field

"Pilates Insync is more than a business, it’s a place that provides quality learning, advanced teaching, innovative concepts all in a friendly interactive social environment."

Steve Waugh Former Australian Cricket Captain

"Helen of Pilates Insync makes me look and feel great, but most of all it helped me recover from a serious illness!"

Lynette Waugh Co-founder- Steve Waugh Foundation

"The Pilates Insync team are an encouraging group of people who want to see our lives improve through Pilates! It’s now a part of my lifestyle. Pilates Insync believes in itself and its clientele passionately!"

Angie Kakakios

"Pilates Insync has become a part of my everyday life. I always walk away from each class feeling strong and empowered in both body and mind. Pilates Has completely changed the way I approach things in my life!"

Courtney Solomon

"Every week is a challenge!!! Interesting, fun and good for health. Been coming for 3-4 years and loving it!"

Margaret Ward

"Thanks to Pilates Insync, I am now able to walk and function normally. I now have a normal life again after years of back pain."

Derek Conroy

"Fabulous- helpful- insightful- wonderful-beautiful environment and people. I feel extremely motivated each time I attend a class."

Rowena Hawkins

"Great care for clients, friendly atmosphere. Fast results and much more than a gym!"

Gina Ross

"Great instructors, smaller classes which encourages better progress. Positive, healthy environment to learn and improve."

Gary Redman

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